Pathogens Lurking Underneath: Preventing Soilborne Pest Damage on Your Course

Tuesday, January 30
8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Registration Required

presented in partnership with FMC

(2029-01) Managing pests in turfgrass systems is tough, especially when it comes to pathogens targeting roots, stolons, and rhizomes. These elusive soilborne pests wreak havoc underground, only revealing foliar symptoms when it's too late. In our seminar, we explore diseases that attack all grass types' below-ground systems, covering causes, epidemiology, and management.

Active participation is key as attendees shape the seminar content through advance polls, focusing on commonly faced disease issues. Embark on an exploration of the soilborne realm, gaining insights into fairy rings, mini-ring, take all patch, take all root rot, spring dead spot, and pythium root rot. Discover cutting-edge research on the interaction between these diseases and pathogenic nematodes.

Don't miss the chance to gain mastery over root, stolon, and rhizome diseases. Enroll now and elevate your turfgrass health with effective disease management strategies.

Room Number: North 127AB