Cracking the Code of Wetting Agents: Unveiling the True Differences (and Dispelling the Myths!)

Monday, January 29
10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Registration Required

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(2016-01) When it comes to managing water on golf courses, wetting agents (aka soil surfactants) are used for critical roles ranging from reducing localized dry spot, to improving moisture uniformity, to enhancing water infiltration and/or retention in the root zone. However, as the number of products in the marketplace has grown, so too has the confusion around them. Active ingredients can be difficult to discern. Meanwhile, precise abilities to “push” or “pull” water, remove hydrophobic coatings from soil particles, and provide efficacy over extended periods of time are all common marketing claims.

But where do these claims come from and what is the scientific basis behind them? Move beyond the marketing claims and see what the data actually say. We’ll explore recent research examining: wetting agent active ingredients, comparisons between products marketed as “penetrants” and “retainers,” and application strategies for optimizing performance.

Room Number: North 129B