Can the Soil Microbiome be Managed to Improve Soil Health?

Tuesday, January 30
8:00 am – 10:00 am

Registration Required

(2015-01) Join our engaging seminar as we explore the world of the soil microbiome and its profound impact on soil health and vibrant turfgrass. Discover the products that shape the soil microbiome, influencing its composition and functionality to enhance overall soil health.

Unlock the secrets of assessing the soil microbiome, understanding its key players and their roles in cultivating healthier soil and robust turfgrass cultures. Explore the vital relationship between the soil microbiome and organic matter accumulation and develop effective strategies for managing soil organic matter.

Gain insights into meaningful soil test results, uncovering the soil microbiome's role in nutrient cycling. Evaluate the efficacy of "bugs in a jug" products and understand the soil microbiome's response to common cultural practices.

Equip yourself with the knowledge to optimize soil health and make informed decisions about soil health products!

Room Number: North 127C