Creating a Gameplan for Your Career

Monday, February 6
3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Power Hour

Presented in Partnership with John Deere

You’ve gone to school, done your internships, taken your first (possibly second or third) assistant’s position. The tried-and-true timeline said you should’ve moved on by now, but you haven’t. Do you feel behind?

Well don’t! Actively pursue personal and professional advancement opportunities while maintaining your current position. We’ll provide ideas to help you create a game plan for monthly, yearly, and career goals, with ways to measure progress. Find out more about how to better assist your superintendent in running and managing crew. Show your value and be seen as a more important asset to your current facility and team. Join us to better connect with other assistants, and bring new ideas, communication lines, and perspectives to your course that weren’t available before.

Room Number: W209AB