Problem Solving on the Golf Course

Tuesday, February 7
10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Registration Required

Presented in Partnership with John Deere

(1371-01) Problems in golf course management arise in a variety of situations and very often, the key to solving the problem is knowing the right question(s) to ask in diagnosing the problem. We’ll build upon decades of experience in teaching and outreach by presenting real-world situations then tasking you with first asking the right questions to begin the problem-solving effort, followed by the development of possible solutions. Since most facilities do not have unlimited budgets or labor, we’ll work with ways to use smart devices and diagnostic tools for problem solving in the field. We’ll then look at how industry and university consultants can assist in finding solutions. It’s important to remember that part of problem-solving involves effective communication and we’ll help you develop an improved ability to communicate with key audiences why problems occurred and how they were corrected.

Room Number: W314A