A Crash Course for Meteorologist Wannabees

Monday, February 6
8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Registration Required

This seminar is SOLD-OUT.

(1359-01) Designed to help better your skills in assessing potential threats to your turfgrass care and course operations, this seminar has 3 sections:

1. "Radar Is Not a Game of Chess"

Radar users falsely assume that a storm cell will retain its current properties as it moves from one location to another. We’ll discuss all of the elements that influence a cell's movement and changes in intensity, as well as share insight into how you can actually predict where another cell might appear on radar in the short term.

2. "What Does That Cloud Mean?"

Numerous cloud types can foretell the weather on time scales of hours and days. We’ll present multiple examples of clouds that can become part of a forecasting arsenal. Superintendents are always looking down...we might even be able to convince you to look up every now and then!!!

3. "Computer Models...Handle with Care"

There are so many readily available computer model forecasts that a user can get very confused. We’ll sort out the strengths and the weaknesses of the various models as well as share some "go to" sites that are part of our daily forecasting routines.

Room Number: W303C