Career Game Changers to Use at Any Stage

Monday, February 6
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Registration Required

Presented in Partnership with John Deere

(1389-01) You’ve been working at your current position for a while and are considering a change. What degree of in-depth research is required to make an informed decision on a career move? Learn how to research factors relating to the leadership, culture, staff, financial stability, etc., of the facility you are considering joining. Then get tips to evaluate the multiple important factors in determining your career move and prepare yourself for a win-win outcome by working on your negotiation techniques. Whether it is with the potential employer or your current one, you need to use the negotiating process and recognize the negotiating strategies used by employers. Skills reviewed here will also aid during new job communications, in everyday interactions with vendors, employers, team members, etc. and in the annual review process. Get game-changing ideas that will give you a position of strength in that annual review meeting. Top 10 ways to win your annual review close out this seminar.

Room Number: W313