What to Expect After You Accept & Making the Transition to Superintendent

Tuesday, February 7
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Registration Required

Presented in Partnership with John Deere

(1358-01) You spent some time working as an assistant superintendent and distinguished yourself. Then you spent some time getting a superintendent position. Now you’re all set – to work even harder. Newly appointed superintendents need help to be successful in making the transition from assistant; not just your own skills but the perception of others needs to change, too. This team of superintendents (all recently assistants) reviews unforeseen struggles with labor, budgets, assets, abilities, and relationships. Experiences from private to public courses, public to public courses, and moving up within a resort will be shared to help you learn the nuances. Come prepared to discuss and debate ideas for resolving new situations. You’ll walk away knowing why communication is key and with tips on how to maneuver what you inherit to become a better superintendent.

Room Number: W314B