Aer-Aider LLC
Booth 1915


Aer-Aider is a Patent Pending, steel framed brush attachment for the Pro Core 648 aerator. Our attachment has dual opposing down pressure springs and ball joints that allow the brush to constantly hug the surface, brushing sand into holes immediately after being made. This eliminates the dreaded bridging of holes and rutting of greens that occurs from having someone drag the sand after aerating. You only get a couple opportunities each year to fill your aeration holes fully with sand; Aer-Aider ensures the job is done right, saving you hours of labor.


Supersonic Air Knife

Arborjet | Ecologel
Booth 1725


The Supersonic Air Knife line uses high pressure air to dig trenches, remove compacted soils and locate utilities. By delivering air at nearly twice the speed of sound, it allows the user to loosen even the most compacted soils without damaging tree roots, irrigation, or power lines. Offering advanced nozzle technology, patented designs, customizable and easy to use options, the Supersonic Air Knife provides the ultimate digging tool. The Supersonic Air Knife tools are ideal for installing or repairing irrigation lines or for sensitive arborist work including vertical mulching, bare rooting, radial trenching, and soil aeration. Use to safely uncover buried electrical, gas, communication, or water lines without the risk of damaging the target. Multiple models and kits are available! Visit us in booth 1725 to learn more.



Booth 5328


The DR601AHG reversible dumper has a 13,200 lb payload and comfortable hydrostatic transmission. Thanks to the innovative reversible design, the seat can rotate 180 degrees and all components are instantly adjusted to suit the driver's new position: steering wheel, joystick, pedals, safety cameras, etc. The driver can also comfortably and safely get on and off both sides of the dumper, so speed and flexibility are significantly increased.

In terms of technology, various systems have been included to make it a more efficient dumper: it has the ECO Mode function, where the engine speed is automatically controlled to ensure lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

It is fitted with the Hill Holder system, a start-assist and safety system that engages the dumper's brake when you take your foot off the accelerator at zero speed.


Billy Goat 24” Hydro-Drive Sod Cutter

Billy Goat Industries
Booth 4051

Billy Goat_Hydrodrivesodcutter

The recently introduced SC240HG sod cutter is built upon the most rugged foundation in the industry with a superstructure frame that features 50 additional pounds of steel and supports a heavy-duty drive and cut system with a laser clad cutting blade for 3x blade life. “Set and Forget™ blade depth adjustment to 2.5” from a single lever at the users operating position, and standard lockable rear swivel caster are among best-in-class features. Billy Goat Controls™ offer seamless variable speed fingertip control in both forward and reverse. Unique knobby tires are ideal for softer touch, shallow cut bent grass.


Hauler® PRO ELiTE

Booth 2437


The all-new Hauler® PRO ELiTE is raising the bar for utility vehicles. The Hauler PRO ELiTE comes with remarkable range and its zero-maintenance ELiTE lithium powertrain provides unrivaled performance. With a wide range of accessories, silent operation, and zero emissions this utility vehicle will help you accomplish more and worry less.

Powered by proven lithium Samsung® SDI technology and equipped with productivity boosting features including a 1500 lb. towing capacity, a 1200 lb. load capacity and a standard onboard charger.

Visit booth 2437 to learn more.


Accusense Gen-V 800W Battery Charger

Diversified Power International LLC
Booth 1224

DPI - 800w

ACCUSENSE GEN-V 800W Constant Power Batter Charger uses advanced technology to charge and maintain ANY TYPE OF RECHARGABLE BATTER. Smartphone wireless connectivity conveys details such as battery type, voltage, charge current, and charge status. A multistage analysis first tests the battery for charge acceptance prior to accelerated charging. Charges large capacity batteries in record time. Output ratings: 24V 38A, 36V 25A, 42V 21A, 48V 19A, 64V 14A, 72V 12A. Ideal for all markets.


ELLWEE Easy Golf Cart

Booth 5015


ELLWEE was created to become a key player in the green economy that is rapidly expanding across the globe. The company has developed the next-generation electric vehicle, focusing on ease of movement within urban and confined areas/communities.


Kubota RTV-X1140 + Ninja GPS Sprayer

Frost Inc
Booth 4242

RTV Ninja 3

It’s all about accuracy, productivity, reliability, and comfort! Accuracy with Ninja GPS spray control. Productivity with dual nozzle system and hydrostatic drive. Legendary Kubota reliability; and the comfort of 4-wheel independent suspension. The best combination for your next sprayer!


G2200E Compact Electric Wheel Loader

Giant by Tobroco
Booth 5218


Giant Loaders introduces our new electric G2200E compact wheel loader, new to the market on the West Coast. This machine comes with up to 520 Ah Lithium-Ion battery for long work days and an onboard 230 volt 60 Amp charger with an available high frequency charger for shorter charging times.

The G2200E loader offers regular boom hinge pin height of 111 inches and a tipping load of 3,200 lbs, while our Xtra boom option lowers the lifting height to 96 inches and increases the tipping load to 4,530 lbs. This machine has 3 driving ranges up to 12 mph and regenerates energy when braking or driving downhill.

Please come check out the G2200E at booth 5218, Giant by Tobroco. Have a great show!


Homburg Blizz Tile-draincleaner

Homburg Holland
Booth 4701


Get your golf course in top condition

A golf course must be in top condition all year round, because you have to be able to play golf 365 days a year. To keep the green in the right conditions, water management is extremely important. The tile drainage system must be cleaned regularly so the flow of abundant water is guaranteed. The Homburg Draincleaner Blizz model is a solid entry-level model for every groundsman and greenkeeper who wants to bring his soil into top condition and keep it that way.


Eclipse 360 ELiTE

Jacobsen Mowers
Booth 2437

Jacobsen Eclipse 360 ELiTE

The Eclipse 360 features the industry’s most powerful, lightest and only ELiTE 250-amp hour all-green single-charge lithium solution.

It’s the only electric greens mower with programmable, dynamic frequency of clip control to maintain a constant clip rate, regardless of your speed, for precise cut quality. And it brings Jake’s trusted signature cut to every blade of grass.

Near silent, electric technology means no risk of oil leaks, lighter weight mowing to lessen your footprint, no emissions and no fuel.

Powerful. Proven. Protective.

The Future is Electrifying.
Lead the Charge.

Sincerely Jake



Graden Contour Sand Injection Verticutter
Booth 5237

A floating head pedestrian Graden with the ability to inject sand through a gravity feed system. Wider and faster than the GSO4, it is ideal for level and undulating areas such as golf greens, approaches and lawns. A seeder unit is also available so a third process can be achieved with great results in the one pass. Don’t just groove it; fill it, seed it and get back to playing quicker!


The NEW Salsco HP3E

Salsco HP3E GIS 2022 Graphic

Salsco Inc
Booth 4712

  • A Roller for the Future, from the #1 Greens Roller Manufacturer in the World.
  • The ALL NEW, ALL ELECTRIC HP3E – Patent Pending – Features a 73” Rolling Swath.
  • 51.2 volts, 10240 watts, Lithium Ion Battery. No Oil, No Heat, No Noise!
  • 5 Year Warranty on all Salsco manufactured parts. Made Proudly in the USA!


Turf Storm

Scag Power Equipment
Booth 5323


Built Scag-tough, the Turf Storm is a must-have tool for the serious landscape chemical applicator, and anyone looking to expand their lawn care offerings. A natural fit for large commercial properties, the Turf Storm also makes itself at home while treating residential lawns.

With right-sized liquid and dry capacities, the Turf Storm will help you get more done per day for maximum productivity and profitability.

The Scag Turf Storm features:

  • Dual 30-gallon liquid tanks (60-gallon total liquid capacity) / 220lb hopper dry/granular capacity
  • 21hp Vanguard engine delivering ample power along with exceptional efficiency and dependable performance
  • Spacious operator platform with an extra-large operator comfort cushion & coil-spring suspension for smooth ride
  • Ergonomic operator control station
  • High torque electric spreader motor that easily controls the spread pattern allowing a more accurate application of granular products
Check out the Turf Storm at the Scag booth (#5323)



the extracut-brush

Sports Metals Inc
Booth 2158


Designer, manufacturer and supplier of sports turf brush attachments since 2010. Our extracut-brush® product range will be available to view at booth 2158.

Sports venues using our brush range include Golf, Football, Soccer, Rugby, Polo, Baseball, Cricket Clubs and Racecourses, Schools and University grounds.

The extracut-brush® system is available for most popular reel mowers, including Walk, Triplex and Fairway machines as well as some rotary mowers and aerators. They have been supplied all over the world.

We look forward to seeing you at the show.




Stanley Storage Solutions Workbenching

Stanley_Storage Solutions

Vidmar | LISTA
Booth 5006

Stanley Storage Solution work-benching allows you to use the space below your workbenches for storing parts and tools, utilizing the space in your shops more affect affectively. Better organization of parts and tools will make your employees more efficient and save time.


Trojan GC2 48V Lithium-Ion Battery

Trojan Battery Company
Booth 4908


The new Trojan GC2 48V Lithium-Ion battery takes your electric commercial vehicles up to 15% farther than other lithium-ion batteries, is built tough to meet SAE off-road durability standards, is engineered with advanced safety features, charges faster and requires zero maintenance. When it comes to lithium-ion batteries, no one has invested more time or research to engineer the industry’s longest-lasting, most reliable and trusted lithium-ion battery than Trojan Battery Company. Visit us at booth #4908 to learn more!



Underhill International Corporation
Booth 1737


On/Off Key for RainBird, Toro or John Deere/Signature irrigation heads conveniently mounted on a key ring.

Extra clean-out tool for clearing around selector valve or makes a great snap ring tool in a pinch.

Never lose a flag key again with this mounted on your key chain.

Put one on all utility vehicle or equipment key rings so there is always a key for quickly turning off a stuck head or hitting a dry spot with water.

Sold in a package of 9 keys with key rings included.


The Extender Key

Underhill International Corporation
Booth 1737


No More Handle Scraping on Turf Solution for low quick coupler valves which cause key handles to hit turf around valve box.

Extend Quick Coupler Keys 4”
Save time from having to dig up and raise the valve to make the key operational.

3 Models Available to Fit Any Key

  • Available sizes: 3/4” , 1” , 1 1/2”
  • Part#: QK-075EX, QK-100EX, QK-150EX


4520 Ventrac Tractor

Booth 4936


Through Ventrac’s advanced engineering and design efforts, the best mix of machine performance, operator experience, and durability has come together in the new 4520 tractor.

Ventrac has become the #1 choice for versatility for ground care professionals. Combining the perfect blend of peak power and agility with front-mounted attachments for superior visibility, pivoting frame for maneuverability, and proper weight distribution for balance and stability, it’s time to elevate your Ventrac experience to a whole new level.


STrac 700

Wiedenmann North America LLC
Booth 3351


Wiedenmann North America is proud to introduce the new STrac 700 series. The STrac 700 is a pedestrian power tool with a variety of working heads that can be attached in less than a couple of minutes. There is a fraise mowing head, high-speed coring head, vibrating disc seeding head, vibrating dimple seeding head, vibrating spiking head, and a verticutting head. Other heads are still in the design phase for this multi-functional machine. Each head has a 26-inch working width with a tight turning radius making the STrac 700 light enough and maneuverable enough for any turf area. This amazing machine can be fraise mowing collars in the morning, coring and verticutting a trouble spot on a green in the afternoon, then overseeding before the end of the day. For more information, please visit