Taking Control of the Controllables

Tuesday, January 30
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Registration Required

(2037-01) Join us for an interactive seminar that challenges conventional turf management approaches. As demands for higher quality turf continue to rise, have we overlooked the fundamentals? This presentation urges you to rethink your practices and problem-solving strategies by understanding the interactions of each input. Explore how combining PGRs with fertility affects thatch and maintenance, the crucial link between soil and water, and how to evaluate new techniques and tools for maximum benefits.

Through real-life scenarios and soil tests, our experts provide insights from superintendent and agronomist perspectives. Engage in lively discussions and gain practical strategies to streamline inputs, ensure healthy turf, and achieve exceptional playing surfaces. Reduce expenses and environmental impact while maximizing results. Reclaim the basics and unlock your course's true potential.

Room Number: North 125AB