Turf Solutions I: Everything but the Kitchen Sink!

Wednesday, February 9
9:00am – 11:00am

Power Hour

Turf Solutions Power Hours will provoke your curiosity and provide techniques that you can implement at your facility. This group of experts will take your questions and discuss the answers to a variety of agronomic challenges. From tall fescue, new technologies for smart water and nutrition, strategies for managing sodium in soils, to humic fertilizers, don’t miss out on cutting-edge solutions from the experts!

Can New Tall Fescues be Used for Tees and Fairways? – Gregg Munshaw, Ph.D.

Healthy Grass and Environment: New Technologies for Smart Water and Nutrition – Bryan Hopkins, Ph.D.

Successful Strategies for Managing Sodium in Turfgrass Soils – Paul Cushing

Humic Fertilizers: What Do We Know? – Alex Lindsey, Ph.D.

Room Number: Hall A - Booth 125