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Scams and fraudulent housing


Please be aware of scams and room poaching from fraudulent housing/travel firms that unethically solicit their services. Connections Housing does not conduct phone campaigns and all e-mails will carry this official logo.

Room poaching is carried out by third-party companies unaffiliated with the GCSAA Conference and Trade Show that act as travel agencies, wholesalers or destination management companies to solicit for room reservations.

The poacher might suggest the hotel block is 'virtually sold out,' and if you don't book immediately, you won't get a room in the official block. Implied affiliation with the event is strong, despite the fact that the organization is not officially sanctioned by the sponsoring associations. Additional deceptive tactics include distributing forms or promotional materials that appear to be issued by show management or the sponsoring associations.

Why room poaching poses problems for event producers:

  • Room poachers make it more difficult for show managers to meet room block commitments and exposes them to unplanned fees.
  • Room poachers often don’t deliver on promises to customers. When meeting attendees arrive, the reservations are non-existent or the hotels are located far from the convention center. Sometimes the rooms have been cancelled with hefty cancellation charges placed on the guest’s credit card.
  • Poachers often represent themselves as being affiliated with the meeting or exhibition by using trademarked logos in violation of copyright laws.