Turfbusters! Golf. Science. Myths. "It’s a HOT one!!” Vol. 4 Nationwide Premiere

Monday, January 29
3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Power Hour

It’s a HOT one, turf friends! Grab your popcorn, crank up the AC, and join us for the highly anticipated return of Turfbusters Season 4 premiering at the GCSAA Conference in Phoenix, Ariz. This season the Turfbusters crew will brave the Sonoran Desert at the Desert Mountain Golf Club in Scottsdale, Ariz. to uncover the TRUTH behind turf myths and lore. If you have ever been stumped by questions like - does faster ball speed truly increase golfer satisfaction? Is deep tine aerification better? Can spent malt from beer be used as a nutrient source? Are walk mowers better than triplex? Does Dawn dish soap clean up hydraulic leaks from turfgrass? …then it’s time to gear up for a sizzling education session with fresh NEW myths! Featuring MSU professor and department chair Brian Horgan, Ph.D., show producer and sustainability expert Gina Rizzi, and Desert Mountain superintendents Paul Dawson and Logan Murphy. The Turfbusters crew will educate using science, grit, humor, and electrifying experimentation offering the truth behind popular turf myths. Including LIVE Q&A with the Turfbusters crew and special guest star Desert Mountain Director of Agronomy Todd Bohn regarding each myth, practices, solutions, and behind-the-scenes bloopers. Get ready to laugh, learn, and be entertained!

Room Number: N. Ballroom 120BC 100 Level