Turfgrass Talk Show: If You Build It, They Will Come

Thursday, February 10
1:00pm – 3:00pm

Power Hour

Presented in partnership with Tru-Turf

Have you ever seen someone use a wrench as if it were a hammer, a shovel as if it were a prybar, or a Stimpmeter as a door stop? Depending upon your point of view, and I suppose budget, each of those examples falls among genius, impatience, and pure stupidity. The golf course industry is flooded with machinery that may or may not be used as intended and research indicates some of these tools do not meet their expectations. The 2022 Turfgrass Talk Show will look at common utilized mechanical/cultural practices and verify if data agrees with the reason these tools are used. Tools discussed will include:

• Cultivation including solid & hollow tine along with air, water, and sand injection

• Verticutting and grooming is there really a difference, and do they do anything?

• Fraze mowing

• Brushing: a program enhancer or a standalone practice?

• Soil conditioners and of course

• Rolling

Room Number: Ballroom 20