Booth space for the trade show is assigned in priority point order first, and then on a first-come, first-served basis after all priority point assignments have been completed. All booth space applications received after July 15, 2022, will select booth space after all priority point assignments have been completed. Show management will contact you five business days prior to your space selection.


The priority point deadline was July 15, 2022. Each exhibit space application with deposit received on or before July 15, will be allotted space on the basis of the GCSAA Conference and Trade Show trade show priority point system. Booth space applications must be submitted by July 15, 2022, to select booth space by priority point order. Exhibit space applications received after July 15, will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis after all priority point booth space contracts have been placed on the floor.


Priority points can be earned in the following way:

Points are earned for money invested with the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA), the GCSAA Foundation, the Golf Course Builders Association of America (GCBAA), and the American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA), in eligible programs and services. Additionally, 10 points are awarded for every over-night stay booked at a hotel property in the GCSAA Conference and Trade Show room block.

Priority points for 2023 booth selection will be based on total investments made from March 1, 2021 to Feb. 28, 2022.

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Exhibitor priority points will be assigned to the company that earns them.


Exhibitor priority points are considered an asset of the company and as such are purchased along with the company. If show management is provided written documentation by a parent company showing ownership of another company with priority points, the company’s points can be transferred to the parent company.


Exhibitor priority points may be accumulated for placement on the priority point booth space assignment list. The resultant choice of exhibit space is based on the following:

  • The parent company will contract for space and pay for it.
  • The parent company will determine how its exhibit is listed in association publications.
  • The overall length of the booth configuration must not exceed 50%, or a 2-to-1 ratio, of the overall width of the booth on main aisle frontage.
  • An exhibitor may choose only one booth space per contract submitted. A booth space is defined as a single 10’ x 10’ or any combination of adjacent
  • 10’ x 10’ spaces, resulting in the creation of one contiguous space (given one booth number) unbroken by an aisle. An exhibitor may contract for more than one booth space, but must complete and submit a space contract and deposit for each desired booth space. Only one booth space may be chosen using priority points. Subsequent booth space will be chosen on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • An exhibitor may not bridge a main aisle, whether by a physical structure, carpeting, banners, etc., in order to connect its booth space with one across the aisle.


  • If more than one company holds the same number of priority points, the date the contract is received will determine which company shall have the first choice of booth space selection.
  • Requests for space after the priority point cutoff date will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis regardless of priority points.
  • No exhibitor can lose space assigned in accordance with this procedure.
  • Space will be assigned on the written facts available to show management on the cutoff date.
  • Show management will make every effort to accommodate exhibitor requirements. Any and all requests will be considered. However, it is our intent to accommodate exhibitors in a manner that will enable each to exhibit its products under the most favorable conditions. All final decisions in dispute rest with trade show management.